Friday, February 4, 2011

No more lag!

Hey guys! Tristie here, and I know posting one blog per day is preferred, but I was so excited about this software program that LOWERS your ping in WoW, and dozens of other video games, that I just HAD to show you!

So, if you're like me, you probably play online video games. Now, if you're lucky, your internet provider is amazing, and you'll have your own direct connection. If you're not so lucky, then you probably have a shared connection, and in turn, this drives your ping or MS way up! 

I had this same problem, and as a competitive player on the WoW PvP scene, lagging during a match is a serious no no. I've literally lost hundreds of games due to constant disconnects and ISP lag. I got so fed up, at one point I even considered switching my ISP all together, until I caught wind of a site called WTFast. 

Now, before you continue, keep in mind, I am in no way affiliated with WTFast, I am NOT getting paid to share this with you guys.

WTFast works by DIRECTLY connecting you from your computer to the game servers of your choice. So instead of going through dozens of server hubs for one connection, you get it instantly! Which cuts down MS by up to 90% 

Below is a screen shot of my MS WITHOUT WTFast: 

Below is another screen shot WITH WTFast:

See the difference? 

Here's a screen cap of what the main program looks like:

Here's a screen cap of it on the World of Warcraft (US) server selection:

Here's a link for more information:

Stick around for a FULL FROST MAGE GUIDE brought to you by Raynor, currently one of the highest rated Mages in the EU. 

And as always, have fun, play to win. 

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jonwinters said...

oh wow, rad. thank you

Unknown said...

That is fucking awesome. Thank you!

Sharia said...

thats sweeeetttt

Anonymous said...

cheers bro

Colin and Nickolas said...

sweet blog, I followed you my blog is

BlogTroll said...

man, that will increase my gameplay hugely! I'm gonna stick around to see for more pro tips!

Adamski said...

mah nigga :D

Veno said...

Great, really needed something like this. I was using an application called BattlePing for a while, but it became rather unreliable. Looking forward to this!!

Andy Khun said...

wow thats pertty cool


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I would use this if they had a direct connection to Final Fantasy XI or Xbox Live...

Mac said...

Oh wow I am gonna try this out asap!!

Kashmatik said...

I quit playing WoW after they created the Instance/Raid Queues. It killed the game IMO. It turned the whole end-game experience into another grind fest.

Level 1-85 = Grinding to reach level 85.

Level 85 = Grinding to for badges.

Jik said...

oh wow , never knewthis stuff existed :)

have you heard of the deathcheat thing?

Eindb44s said...

i gotte try this one! thanks

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