Saturday, February 12, 2011

Class Balance: Ghostcrawler needs to be removed

Hey guys! Tristie here, and thank you for alerting me about the comment issue earlier, it should be fixed now. Besides that, I just wanted to refer any dedicated World of Warcraft players over to one of the greatest posts ever laid down on the official forums, calling for the resignation of Ghostcrawler. You can check it out here:

I urge everyone who loves this game as much as I do to put their full support behind the original poster, and help make a difference in World of Warcraft. As for the people who don't want to check out the post themselves, here's a copy of it:

"I've played this game for six long years. I'm sure some people longer, due to alpha. I've seen all the highs and lows of World of Warcraft, everything that made this game so popular, so addictive. But now... that allure has since faded, as now I see myself more frustrated than over joyed, more angry than accomplished. Class balance has plagued this game since Wrath of the Lich King, and all the changes made to fix these issues have only caused more problems. I know this post won't lead to any fixes, but I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say, Marine Biologists who don't play their own game, should not be lead system designers for the largest MMORPG on the planet.

Ghostcrawler has made some of the most incompetent, and out right stupid decisions concerning class balance. I don't remember these being so apparent during Burning Crusade... maybe because Greg wasn't in charge then? Whatever the case, all the fixes recently brought to the table, specifically 4.0.6, have caused MASSIVE class shortfalls, and MASSIVE imbalances for both arenas and battle ground PvP.

It's my duty as an ardent World of Warcraft player, and Blizzard supporter, that I call for the removal of Ghostcrawler from the design team. Everyone who has the guts to agree with me should stand up for what they know is right. Stop reminiscing on the past, and start helping to fix our future. This game can be turned around for the better, and we can all make it possible. The player community that has been here for six years should be behind me, I'm sorry, but... it's time for a change."

Thank you guys, and as said before, please, try to put your full weight behind this guy.

As always, have fun, play to win.

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Jordan said...

i agree ghostcrawler really needs to go

Anon said...

what? i love the ghostcrawler! but i have to admit, that it could be less stronger.

ERBNFM said...

yea less damage would help

Unknown said...

Here here! I still long for the raids, instances and pvp structure of Burning Crusade. Loved that xpac.

gcphillips1 said...

Threads been deleted but if you see it pop up again any time soon I'll definitely back him. Been playing for 4 years (very on and off, never more than 3 months on etc" and thinking of starting again, but don't want facerollers to be a problem!

Very good posts, keep it up

Con Queso said...

Is everyone completely certain that this ONE MAN is the main cause of all the imbalances in the game? I'd assume balancing issues has a TEAM of employees to talk over shit.

G said...

cool post

Ramsay said...

I think in every game there's one class who will be slightly better then the rest, its hard not to make it that way, but Ghostcrawlers take it to a whole nother level.

Rabidmoose said...

First off thanks for copying the post so I could read it, as it has been deleted, now for my response.

I honestly don't believe that GC is that bad. The game is WAAAAY more balanced now than Vanilla or BC when GC was not there. Remember Kalagan? He was the "Ghostcraweler" of BC, everybody HATED him, god I remember the forum rage and insults.

The poster says they don't remember these problems in BC. Did they forget about SL/SL locks? Every arena team requiring an arms warrior for MS? Warrior / druid twos teams obliterating everything?

A game as complex as WoW will never be perfectly balanced, ever. I do not agree with all of the changes but people need to stop expecting perfection.

LittleGiantBomb said...

So much hate on Ghostcrawler, I actually think he's funny so we should keep him.

Rankulus said...

Six years ? o_o

Thats a LONG ass time...

Do you regret ever getting into it?

donga5000 said...

I miss vanilla, it was the best of times.

Anonymous said...

no its without doubt, ghost crawler really needs to go

one fact, hes a dk and his 2s is a frost mage

why are these 2 the most ridiculously out of control classes in p v p?

hmmmmmm i wonder

also, he has absolutely no clue how to work this shit

Sinelogix said...

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