Monday, February 21, 2011

Rogue: Full Guide!

Hey guys! Tristie here, and I know it's been a while, so I got a little inpatient and decided to leave up a guide for you guys while still on vacation. This one happens to be a Rogue guide, a class that I myself have played since... well... for a very long time! Since... the dawn of the time...


Don't mind me, just sneakin' around

I've seen a ton of subtlety play lately, but even though I don't personally prefer it, I have detailed a viable build, and glyph setup for you guys for it below the much more viable mutilate specialization. Now I know mutilate has gone  through a ton of changes the past few years, and some people have gotten confused in terms of trying to master it. Well don't give up! Rogues happen to be one of the most difficult classes to play viable with as any specialization. They are the one versus one kings without a doubt, but on a true arena based PvP scene, they require immense amounts of cooperation, and skill.

Build #1: Mutilate 31/0/10

Advantages: This is your more or less standard mutilate build. Of course it is leaned towards arena compositions with a magical damage dealer by your side due to Master Poisoner, don't let this defer you from other perks you can grab. In other words, if it doesn't make sense with what you are doing, put it into something else! Mutilate play is based on stacking Mastery Rating, leaving up a Slice and Dice, then spamming Mutilate to regain and use finishers, most preferably Envenom for obvious reasons.

Disadvantages: Some people might prefer Venomous Wounds over Cut to the Chase. But when looked at from an arena perspective, you'll notice that Venomous Wounds is built towards PvE, it's PvP viability is debatable due to its lack of consistent damage versus the permanent speed increase per refresh (Which you will have a lot of) through Cut to the Chase + Slice and Dice. I also chose to knock points out of Deadened Nerves, and Improved Recuperate for the following reasons: If you're playing Rogue, you're playing burst. Survivability shouldn't matter when you can take down an enemy within seconds of opening. In the long run, you never want games to play out longer than two full sets of Cool Downs, or in other words, five minutes.


 I personally chose glyphs based on my style of play. I love to silence, and when I saw the Kick Glyph, I fell in love. But its ultimate downfall is in the player, don't fall for fake casts, or else you will fail. The rest of the glyphs are required for adequate mutilate play, and Slice and Dice is a given based on the Cut to the Chase talent in the build above.

 Build #2: Subtlety 6/2/33

Advantages: Not many when it comes to arena play, the subtlety specialization is based around a few seconds of burst, and your own survivability. Subtlety only received a slight buff when Waylay was fixed to decrease your targets movement speed, which leaves a weapon slot open to use a poison of your choice on, not just the Off Hand Crippling which was the norm during Wrath of the Lich King.

Disadvantages: None, for subtlety, this is about as good as it gets. Remember to stack Mastery as both Subtlety, and Mutilate to maximize your damage, but don't forget agility either!


These are based around the norm for Subtlety at this given time. I again went with the Kick Glyph because it's amazing if you're good at silences.

I hope you guys enjoyed this World of Warcraft Win The Game guide, and Kobain should have a few Starcraft Videos up for  you here:

Thanks again guys, and I'm looking forward to returning to my normal schedule, as always, have fun, play to win!

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Colin and Nickolas said...

great guide man

donga5000 said...

I've always wanted a rogue..

Unknown said...

A human rogue named Yabadabadoo was the first toon I ever made. I fell in love with druids, but rogues were always a blast!

Welcome back to the blogosphere. Hope your vacation is going well.

Shelby Fox said...

Whoa your banner up top is sweet! Did you make that yourself? Very slick looking blog template, cool logo.

I used to play vanilla WoW....once upon a time.

Anonymous said...

Did you write all this? Its really good stuff

Anon said...

your guides are soo good! followed every step with my roque on wrathbringer. now he does a lot of damage :)

FantouGames said...


G said...

great guide - cheers

Ion762 said...

My main is a mutilate rogue, been mutilate since way back when they first implemented the talent love being assassination.

Unknown said...

thanks for another great guide, again

Anonymous said...

The first class I played :) as night elve

Meghan Moran said...

never was a fan of the rogues.

Jeff said...

Where was this guide 6 months ago lol! Nice post man. Maybe there will be a Pally one soon?

Dj DeKu said...

Great tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Yess! This is exactly what I was waiting to see.

Welcome back, by the way. I'm back after quite a break myself. Check out my new posts :)

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