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Greatest PvP Movies of All Time

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 Aside from that, I've decided to compile a list of the Top Ten Greatest PvP Movies of All Time. Just to settle some of the reoccurring controversy surrounding most of them:

  • Firstly, these movies in NO way represent SKILL.
  • Secondly, these movies in NO way represent SKILL.
  • Lastly,  these movies in NO way represent SKILL

Now that that's out of the way, coming in at Number Ten, in our Greatest PvP Movies of All Time:

Unbreakable Enhancement Shaman PvP

Originally dubbed "Shaman with Hand of Ragnaros" this video broke records for most lag spike criticals in a single thirty seconds, won the award for "Fastest Clicker World" and spawned a new fear for Enhancement Shamans everywhere... at least until Burning Crusade, and every expansion since then, hit.

Number Nine:

Drakedog 7

Despite being made out to be a complete idiot in the World of Roguecraft series, and considering the only reason Drakedog is on this list at all, is to exemplify the fact that legends in World of Warcraft, do not die, we should all have a moment of silence, for the Number Nine spot could have gone to someone much more qualified.

Number Eight:

Grand Marshal Maydie PvP -Warrior- World of Warcraft

Originally dubbed "Grand Marshal Maydie" this video has come to be one of the most viewed in the history of World of Warcraft, having achieved an unprecedented 2,000,000 views before it was taken down. The controversy surrounding this video seems to add to its allure, not only because of the World of Roguecraft incident, but... well... is this guy really French?... Despite all the added perks of being completely anonymous in 2006 when this video was first submitted, what you are seeing here is a Warrior in some of the best gear at the time with no less than two pocket healers, bugged talent points, and one of the most amazing sword graphics of all time, face rolling very frail opponents.

Number Seven:

Buddhist 3v3 Ming must die

Other than being one of the most anticipated releases for a PvP movie ever, and quite possibly living up to every expectation you could possibly imagine, this part machinima, part greatest arena footage ever taken, is expertly edited  and depicts a single rogue's journey to exact revenge on his foes after his girlfriend's "Jutsu" is stolen from her. What you are witnessing is some of the most subtle trash talk in the history of gaming, accumulating into its greatest downfall. This is the pinnacle of Rogue play, but in the end can be summed up by class balance issues during the start of Wrath of the Lich King.

Number Six:

Incredible Warrior Tricks 1

The warrior who released this movie made a name for himself on the gaming scene that will be there permanently. Sparking a career promoting products for various gaming companies, this movie was the height of Vanilla PvP. The warrior's name was Swifty, and this movie is the very definition of epic. Not only does it depict a single warriors journey to conquer the best on his server, he happens to give you insight into some of the greatest tricks ever discovered during this very adolescent time in World of Warcraft's history.

Number Five: 

Kenion - Eviscerape

The greatest display of critical strikes ever, the only reason this movie made it above Swifty's is mostly due in part to the music synchronization during the first part of Kenion's movie. If you cry about class balance now, wait until you see what this rogue can pull off in some the best gear at the time during Vanilla.

Number Four:

Incredible Warrior Tricks 2

Hands down the greatest warrior PvP movie ever conceived. Swifty is on this list twice because he deserves it, and I'm not even a Swifty fan. This PvP movie will never be recreated, and can never be one upped. Partly because The Burning Crusade expansion was the best add on for World of Warcraft ever, and most of the tricks depicted in the video have long been fixed. 

Number Three:

Grim Total Annihilation

The title of this movie serves it justice in every respect. This Canadian super hero rocketed rogues to the top of the food chain during most of Vanilla. Geared out in some of the best sets at the time, this movie depicts a single rogue who apparently has beef with everyone around him, so he sets to slaughtering... well... everyone. No one is spared in this face roll frenzy of utter chaos.

Number Two:

World of Warcraft - Vurtne 3

In my wholly honest opinion, Vurtne does not deserve to be on this list, none the less number two. But he disproves me with some of the best, and most popular PvP footage ever captured as a mage. He also pushed the concept of "Elemental Specialized" mages, to become one of the most heavily theory crafted, and possibly used specializations in World of Warcraft's history. This video is pure nostalgia for anyone who had the pleasure of playing on an EU realm during this time, and the only reason he was never propelled into mainstream success alongside most of the previous postings was exactly that, he was EU.

Number One:

World of Roguecraft Episode 1

The greatest PvP movie of all time. No one has since compared to this "accidental" success, and in every use of the word irony, was made for the sole purpose of showcasing how over powered rogues were during Vanilla. This is the movie that put everyone in their place, and kept them there for four years.

I hope you guys enjoyed the list, and this should be my last posting for about a week. Please follow Kobain's Starcraft Guides here: and don't forget to leave a comment so he can follow up on your guys' blogs!

As always, have fun, play to win.

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Brendan McCarty said...

great info!

G said...

cool post - hadn't seen these before

pol said...

nice find, keep it up

Unknown said...

Woo! I won! Also posted on my blog, linking to yours, for mutual back-scratching goodness.

Emailed ya. I promise to take a pic of me, raging at the guild with my new headset on!

Again, woo!

Unknown said...

Congrats to Idaho! I wanted to win! hahaha nice pvp vids!

Mac said...

I've seen all of these movies, but then again i've played WoW for a really long time. D: Good post I agree with the list though for the most part!

Con Queso said...

" a rogue doesn't need all their Cooldowns...a GOOD rogue doesn't need all their cooldowns"

haha, good stuff. True though.

Tristie said...

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!sense! said...

rogues are the bestest

Ion762 said...

Some cool vids here I'll check them out later

BlowingInTheWind said...

Some bloody good info here, thanks very much!

gcphillips1 said...

Ah love it, watched them all just for the reminiscing. Well done on the template, however not so pleased that you;ve got me wanting to start WoW again

doingitwrong said...

this is awesome, i'll take pvp over pve anyday! ... sweet blog layout too... i dig it the most.

Unknown said...

i love wow. :D ty so much :)

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