Friday, February 25, 2011

World of Warcraft Add Ons, and you

Hey guys! Tristie here, and I pretty much just got back home a few hours ago, so now that I'm suffering from severe jet lag, please try not to judge this next post to harshly! 

Add Ons! Now a lot of people have been asking me about my UI (User Interface) for World of Warcraft, and well, here's a glimpse:

                                      Razer Naga Action Bar(s) Add On Pictured

I know, I know, it's not the prettiest thing in the World... of Warcraft, but the important part of this is I managed to find a streamlined balance between the Add Ons I  NEED and the Add Ons I DON'T.

Screw your balance! I need all these!

This concept is important, because if you end up over loading your User Interface with useless Add Ons, that brand new AMD Radeon  graphics card will be utterly useless. So finding balance is key. Here is a list of Add Ons I am currently using for my Warrior:

  • Gladius
  • Doom_CooldownPulse
  • RazerNaga
  • Deadly Boss Mods

Now at first glance that may not seem like a lot, and you're right, because it isn't a lot. I hand picked the Add Ons I knew would better my game play, although the cross over between PvP to PvE based Add Ons can be rough, the core things you always want in an Add On package are new action bars, a cool down monitor, and Deadly Boss Mods, because everyone needs Deadly Boss Mods... EVERYONE.

                            Unless if you're an Arcane Mage, in which case, carry on:

                                                         It's all I need...

Aside from all this, the number one reason people don't bother with Add Ons is because they don't know either A) How to install them. Or B) How to find, and get them.

One word to both: Curse.

Curse happens to be the number one website for all Add Ons on every major MMORPG, and you can find them here:

And if you're not the technical type who likes getting into their World of Warcraft folder to manually insert Add Ons, Curse provides an easy to use interface which you can down load to keep track of all your Add Ons and even automatically update them when patch day comes around:

                                                   (Pictured) The Curse Client.

I hope you guys enjoyed this... guide? and as always, have fun, play to win.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Rogue: Full Guide!

Hey guys! Tristie here, and I know it's been a while, so I got a little inpatient and decided to leave up a guide for you guys while still on vacation. This one happens to be a Rogue guide, a class that I myself have played since... well... for a very long time! Since... the dawn of the time...


Don't mind me, just sneakin' around

I've seen a ton of subtlety play lately, but even though I don't personally prefer it, I have detailed a viable build, and glyph setup for you guys for it below the much more viable mutilate specialization. Now I know mutilate has gone  through a ton of changes the past few years, and some people have gotten confused in terms of trying to master it. Well don't give up! Rogues happen to be one of the most difficult classes to play viable with as any specialization. They are the one versus one kings without a doubt, but on a true arena based PvP scene, they require immense amounts of cooperation, and skill.

Build #1: Mutilate 31/0/10

Advantages: This is your more or less standard mutilate build. Of course it is leaned towards arena compositions with a magical damage dealer by your side due to Master Poisoner, don't let this defer you from other perks you can grab. In other words, if it doesn't make sense with what you are doing, put it into something else! Mutilate play is based on stacking Mastery Rating, leaving up a Slice and Dice, then spamming Mutilate to regain and use finishers, most preferably Envenom for obvious reasons.

Disadvantages: Some people might prefer Venomous Wounds over Cut to the Chase. But when looked at from an arena perspective, you'll notice that Venomous Wounds is built towards PvE, it's PvP viability is debatable due to its lack of consistent damage versus the permanent speed increase per refresh (Which you will have a lot of) through Cut to the Chase + Slice and Dice. I also chose to knock points out of Deadened Nerves, and Improved Recuperate for the following reasons: If you're playing Rogue, you're playing burst. Survivability shouldn't matter when you can take down an enemy within seconds of opening. In the long run, you never want games to play out longer than two full sets of Cool Downs, or in other words, five minutes.


 I personally chose glyphs based on my style of play. I love to silence, and when I saw the Kick Glyph, I fell in love. But its ultimate downfall is in the player, don't fall for fake casts, or else you will fail. The rest of the glyphs are required for adequate mutilate play, and Slice and Dice is a given based on the Cut to the Chase talent in the build above.

 Build #2: Subtlety 6/2/33

Advantages: Not many when it comes to arena play, the subtlety specialization is based around a few seconds of burst, and your own survivability. Subtlety only received a slight buff when Waylay was fixed to decrease your targets movement speed, which leaves a weapon slot open to use a poison of your choice on, not just the Off Hand Crippling which was the norm during Wrath of the Lich King.

Disadvantages: None, for subtlety, this is about as good as it gets. Remember to stack Mastery as both Subtlety, and Mutilate to maximize your damage, but don't forget agility either!


These are based around the norm for Subtlety at this given time. I again went with the Kick Glyph because it's amazing if you're good at silences.

I hope you guys enjoyed this World of Warcraft Win The Game guide, and Kobain should have a few Starcraft Videos up for  you here:

Thanks again guys, and I'm looking forward to returning to my normal schedule, as always, have fun, play to win!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Prizes Sent Out!

Hey guys! Tristie here, and as the title of today's post states, all prizes from last week have finally been sent out! This includes the Razer Naga and Razer Carcharias from previous guides. Aside from that, as stated in previous postings, I will be taking a break for about a week, but do not fear! You can still follow Kobain's Starcraft guide here: I had a few people ask me, and YES, he DOES, give out prizes, just not as liberally as me! So keep on the look out for gaming peripherals from his blog.

I wish you all a happy week, and as always, have fun, play to win!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Class Balance: Ghostcrawler needs to be removed

Hey guys! Tristie here, and thank you for alerting me about the comment issue earlier, it should be fixed now. Besides that, I just wanted to refer any dedicated World of Warcraft players over to one of the greatest posts ever laid down on the official forums, calling for the resignation of Ghostcrawler. You can check it out here:

I urge everyone who loves this game as much as I do to put their full support behind the original poster, and help make a difference in World of Warcraft. As for the people who don't want to check out the post themselves, here's a copy of it:

"I've played this game for six long years. I'm sure some people longer, due to alpha. I've seen all the highs and lows of World of Warcraft, everything that made this game so popular, so addictive. But now... that allure has since faded, as now I see myself more frustrated than over joyed, more angry than accomplished. Class balance has plagued this game since Wrath of the Lich King, and all the changes made to fix these issues have only caused more problems. I know this post won't lead to any fixes, but I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say, Marine Biologists who don't play their own game, should not be lead system designers for the largest MMORPG on the planet.

Ghostcrawler has made some of the most incompetent, and out right stupid decisions concerning class balance. I don't remember these being so apparent during Burning Crusade... maybe because Greg wasn't in charge then? Whatever the case, all the fixes recently brought to the table, specifically 4.0.6, have caused MASSIVE class shortfalls, and MASSIVE imbalances for both arenas and battle ground PvP.

It's my duty as an ardent World of Warcraft player, and Blizzard supporter, that I call for the removal of Ghostcrawler from the design team. Everyone who has the guts to agree with me should stand up for what they know is right. Stop reminiscing on the past, and start helping to fix our future. This game can be turned around for the better, and we can all make it possible. The player community that has been here for six years should be behind me, I'm sorry, but... it's time for a change."

Thank you guys, and as said before, please, try to put your full weight behind this guy.

As always, have fun, play to win.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Greatest PvP Movies of All Time

Hey guys! Tristie here, and I hope the new template isn't bothering you to much. First things first, our winner for the Razer Carcharias Headset, from Tuesday's Druid guide is:, and you can follow him here at 

As stated before, people who comment on a guide which happens to be giving away a gaming peripheral are automatically entered for a chance to win! 

 Aside from that, I've decided to compile a list of the Top Ten Greatest PvP Movies of All Time. Just to settle some of the reoccurring controversy surrounding most of them:

  • Firstly, these movies in NO way represent SKILL.
  • Secondly, these movies in NO way represent SKILL.
  • Lastly,  these movies in NO way represent SKILL

Now that that's out of the way, coming in at Number Ten, in our Greatest PvP Movies of All Time:

Unbreakable Enhancement Shaman PvP

Originally dubbed "Shaman with Hand of Ragnaros" this video broke records for most lag spike criticals in a single thirty seconds, won the award for "Fastest Clicker World" and spawned a new fear for Enhancement Shamans everywhere... at least until Burning Crusade, and every expansion since then, hit.

Number Nine:

Drakedog 7

Despite being made out to be a complete idiot in the World of Roguecraft series, and considering the only reason Drakedog is on this list at all, is to exemplify the fact that legends in World of Warcraft, do not die, we should all have a moment of silence, for the Number Nine spot could have gone to someone much more qualified.

Number Eight:

Grand Marshal Maydie PvP -Warrior- World of Warcraft

Originally dubbed "Grand Marshal Maydie" this video has come to be one of the most viewed in the history of World of Warcraft, having achieved an unprecedented 2,000,000 views before it was taken down. The controversy surrounding this video seems to add to its allure, not only because of the World of Roguecraft incident, but... well... is this guy really French?... Despite all the added perks of being completely anonymous in 2006 when this video was first submitted, what you are seeing here is a Warrior in some of the best gear at the time with no less than two pocket healers, bugged talent points, and one of the most amazing sword graphics of all time, face rolling very frail opponents.

Number Seven:

Buddhist 3v3 Ming must die

Other than being one of the most anticipated releases for a PvP movie ever, and quite possibly living up to every expectation you could possibly imagine, this part machinima, part greatest arena footage ever taken, is expertly edited  and depicts a single rogue's journey to exact revenge on his foes after his girlfriend's "Jutsu" is stolen from her. What you are witnessing is some of the most subtle trash talk in the history of gaming, accumulating into its greatest downfall. This is the pinnacle of Rogue play, but in the end can be summed up by class balance issues during the start of Wrath of the Lich King.

Number Six:

Incredible Warrior Tricks 1

The warrior who released this movie made a name for himself on the gaming scene that will be there permanently. Sparking a career promoting products for various gaming companies, this movie was the height of Vanilla PvP. The warrior's name was Swifty, and this movie is the very definition of epic. Not only does it depict a single warriors journey to conquer the best on his server, he happens to give you insight into some of the greatest tricks ever discovered during this very adolescent time in World of Warcraft's history.

Number Five: 

Kenion - Eviscerape

The greatest display of critical strikes ever, the only reason this movie made it above Swifty's is mostly due in part to the music synchronization during the first part of Kenion's movie. If you cry about class balance now, wait until you see what this rogue can pull off in some the best gear at the time during Vanilla.

Number Four:

Incredible Warrior Tricks 2

Hands down the greatest warrior PvP movie ever conceived. Swifty is on this list twice because he deserves it, and I'm not even a Swifty fan. This PvP movie will never be recreated, and can never be one upped. Partly because The Burning Crusade expansion was the best add on for World of Warcraft ever, and most of the tricks depicted in the video have long been fixed. 

Number Three:

Grim Total Annihilation

The title of this movie serves it justice in every respect. This Canadian super hero rocketed rogues to the top of the food chain during most of Vanilla. Geared out in some of the best sets at the time, this movie depicts a single rogue who apparently has beef with everyone around him, so he sets to slaughtering... well... everyone. No one is spared in this face roll frenzy of utter chaos.

Number Two:

World of Warcraft - Vurtne 3

In my wholly honest opinion, Vurtne does not deserve to be on this list, none the less number two. But he disproves me with some of the best, and most popular PvP footage ever captured as a mage. He also pushed the concept of "Elemental Specialized" mages, to become one of the most heavily theory crafted, and possibly used specializations in World of Warcraft's history. This video is pure nostalgia for anyone who had the pleasure of playing on an EU realm during this time, and the only reason he was never propelled into mainstream success alongside most of the previous postings was exactly that, he was EU.

Number One:

World of Roguecraft Episode 1

The greatest PvP movie of all time. No one has since compared to this "accidental" success, and in every use of the word irony, was made for the sole purpose of showcasing how over powered rogues were during Vanilla. This is the movie that put everyone in their place, and kept them there for four years.

I hope you guys enjoyed the list, and this should be my last posting for about a week. Please follow Kobain's Starcraft Guides here: and don't forget to leave a comment so he can follow up on your guys' blogs!

As always, have fun, play to win.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Death Knight: Full Guide!

Hey guys! Tristie here, and after a few hours of ripping my hair out in arenas, I've come to the conclusion that this patch has been completely unsatisfactory, and Marine Biologists should NOT be lead system designers, especially for the largest MMORPG on the planet. Aside from my horrible week, I have a few things I wanted to give you guys a heads up on.

  • Firstly, I'll be taking a break for about a week following this Sunday, but don't fear! You can still follow Kobain's Starcraft blog here: (Don't worry, he's just as good at following up on your blogs as I am) 
  • Secondly, I know that I've been updating a lot more sparingly. I'll try piecing a few more guides together for you guys within the next days before my break. Now that that's out of the way, I should have all prizes sent out by Sunday, so if your Razer peripheral is NOT on your doorstep in 5 - 7 business DAYS, CONTACT ME.
  • Lastly, I'll be holding off on calling out a winner for Tuesday's Druid Guide, until Saturday, to give you guys an opportunity to get in on a free Razer Carcharias headset! 

Talents: 0/8/33

Advantages: Death's Advance. This talent is now NECESSARY. Due to all the overwhelmingly viable talents in Unholy, a few had to be dropped. But the perk given by this seems to be superior. (Death's Advance allows unhindered movement speed while both your unholy runes are on cool down. In other words, snares, and slows cannot effect you)

Disadvantages: You lose 2 points in Sudden Doom, but the thought process behind the build states that as an RNG (Random Number Generator) proc, this talent weighs less on an over all scale than Death's Advance. 

As always, have fun, play to win.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Druid: Full Guide!

Hey guys! Tristie here, and in honor of our 100th follow, we'll be giving away a Razer Carcharias headset!

Now I know audio equipment isn't my specialty, it's actually Mac's, and you can follow him here at:

But it's patch day, I'm in a great mood, and this headset is completely bad ass. You know how things work, leave a comment, and you're automatically on the list to be randomly chosen.

In other news, Druids have been, in my boy friend's words, "Anally reamed." I'm just going to assume that means nerfed, but that's no reason to not put up a guide! 

There are typically two ways to build healer talents. You can go into a more damage-centric build, where you retain your high end healing abilities, but are able to spam low damage spells. Take for example Wrath.The talent: Fury of Stormrage reduces the mana cost of your Wrath spell, and gives you chance per damaging hit, to make your next Starfire instant. So, why is a damaging talent, as good as this, not in the Balance tree? (Druid Caster DPS specialization) Simple, so healers now have an opportunity to specialize into damaging spells, and actually deal out some hurt.

These new damage talents are excellent for any 2s or 3s teams that need that extra push to down an enemy. The unfortunate side effect of most of these are, you sacrifice important healing perks, and in the end, get so caught up spamming, you lose your partner all together. So in my personal opinion, do not specialize into these, unless if you're leveling.

Talents: 7/3/31 

Advantages: This is your premier mainstream restoration build. Only minor tweaks, depending on your team composition, and damage talents, should be changed over all. My favorite part about this build has to be Furor (Allows you to shape shift into a form with energy or rage already gained). Furor is an amazing talent to get that quick bash off on a target, when you need to help your partner out, and stun a healer or DPS. It could mean the difference between a win or loss.

Disadvantages: As mentioned before, you do lose out on those damage talents, but they are NOT recommended. 

Glyphs: Druid glyphs are extremely situational. Choose them based on what you are doing at that specific time. But remember, as a Druid, survivability and healing (In that order) are always your first priorities, which is the reason behind choosing Barkskin.

As always, have fun, play to win.

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